Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paint cup

For my paintings i leave my cups of watered down paint out for months on end, so to create sediment which gives a nice texture in my work. I looked down into my paint cup one day and thought it was pretty cool as is :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

New installation March 9, San Antonio

After giving my self a few years of rest & research (R&R) from my series of cave installations, i an getting ready for a new installation that will be part of Luminaria 2013 in San Antonio.
This pic is of my current test with lighting, material, and execution. I actually have a bunch of bamboo installed on my bedroom ceiling, and I am hanging/composing lighted pods, ivy made from beer cans, and sparkly tule in various ways to brainstorm final execution.
So this is a great night light! And compliments the large section of glowing cave i have over my bed. Sorry no pic for that, i can't get back far enough in my bedroom to capture it! Lol! ;)  
More info on the Luminaria festival and location/exhibition term of my installation to come.